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dd factor makes it easier than ever.

Miriam “Mimi” Factor founded Mimi Factor and Associates back in 1959. Using her successful background in human resources as a springboard, Mimi started out with very a “grass roots” approach. Some mornings she would receive a call from a local restaurant that needed a server, perhaps a bus boy or a cook. Then, using her contacts and usually within an hour, Mimi would physically walk the candidate to the restaurant in need, make the formal introductions and collect her cash. This snowballed into a full blown recruiting firm. In an age where there were a great number of the European chefs migrating to Los Angeles, Mimi was incredibly successful matching the talents of her candidates with the right venue.

Business flourished and Mimi soon brought in another recruiter, Don Dikmak, a man that brought an impressive amount of industry operational experience to her business. Together as a team the business continued successfully. Upon Mimi’s retirement, Don purchased the business and continued to conduct business under Mimi’s philosophy, by keeping in mind that it is not about the placement, but about putting people together that share the same work values. The company continued its success and became a well known name within the Los Angeles hospitality community.

As Factor & Associates continued to successfully create wining relationships, Don soon needed recruiting assistance and brought in Dave Reinitz.  The addition of Dave Reinitz allowed Don to branch out and tap into hospitality consulting.  Finding that consulting was his true passion, Don passed the Factor & Associates legacy to Dave Reinitz.

Dave Danhi, a chef in town for almost 20 years, who had originally met with Mimi back in the day, had always kept in touch with Don and Dave Reinitz about what was happening in the culinary industry. It was when Dave Danhi was placed on medical leave that temporarily prevented him from working his position as Corporate Executive Chef with Kings Seafood Company, that he was brought into the four walls of Factor & Associates. Like in the culinary world, Dave thrived in the recruiting world. When it was time to finally take off the neck brace and get back into the kitchens, the doctors told him that it was time for him to lay down his apron, so he took on recruiting full time. After 6 years of successful recruiting, Dave purchased Factor and Associates and dd factor was born.  The name has been altered, the look is new but Mimi’s original philosophy about the right connection between employer and management candidate, will always remain the foundation of the company.

dd factor: Professional Hospitality Recruitment Since 1959.

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