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Television Show Catering Chef Needed 31 views

In search of a CATERING CHEF that has experience with food trucks and catering or craft services.  You will be feeding the same cast and crew, usually (but not promised) Monday through Friday.  The hours can be very long but you will be a union employee and paid, double and sometimes triple time!  The shows usually go on hiatus May and June so you have those months OFF (and the ability to claim unemployment) and you still can make over $100,000/year!  This is a very hands on, physical job so you must be ready for long hours and be able to lift at least 50 pounds. You will have a small crew to work with to help you feed between 50 and 100 people.  You will also be interacting with the cast and crew so it is very important you have strong communicative skills, can smile and work under pressure, assuring a  happy client.

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