dd factor: Quality Talent Since 1959

For Employers

More often than not, the needs in our industry are immediate.  As an employer, it takes committed dedication to seek out that perfect fit.  To blindly place ads that produce less than qualified candidates is both a waste of valuable time and money.  We make it our job to uncover only those unique candidates who match your specific requirements.

We meet with you personally and listen to what you need in your next Chef, Manager or Hotel professional.  All of our recruiters have been Chefs, Managers or Hotel Executives within the hospitality industry.  We have done our fair share of hiring and understand just how valuable your time is. When you work with dd factor, you will receive resumes that only fit all of your criteria: the salary requirements, administrative skills, past history, specialized skill set needed, knowledge of certain food, wine or dining level.

We present candidates that are interested in working for you, have been into your establishment and/or done their homework about your company. The majority of our candidates are referrals from past candidates and employers that we work with.

We then tackle the burden of scheduling interviews between your company and the candidate, again saving you valuable time.  We check professional references and have available background check services if requested.  We act as the liaison during salary negotiations at your request.  If you place a dd factor candidate under your employ, you have the confidence and reassurance that your candidate comes with a fixed length guarantee.  If for any reason your candidate fails to meet your expectation and/or leaves on her/his own accord within the specified period of time, dd factor will replace the same position for you at no cost.* Our job is to make yours easier by sending you the right people quickly.  This saves you both time and money while allowing you to get back to your purpose… running a successful establishment.

dd factor has been in business since 1959 (originally Mimi Factor and Associates) developing relationships with some of the top employers in Southern California. We are here to help your company grow successfully.