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job seekers

This is your job search.
We are here to present opportunities that make sense for where you are in your career and how you wish to pursue your path of development. Our process is simple:
First, we take the time to meet with you to uncover your accomplishments; discover what it is that you are looking for in an employer and define what drives you to succeed. We present the opportunities best suited for you and your skill set.  You are then given the tools to research the companies of interest whereupon we present your resume directly to the companies that you expressed interest in.  Your resume is never sent without your prior approval. We are not the typical recruiting firm that blindly submits all of our candidates to all of our clients.  We respect that this is your search and we are here to help guide you through the process. Our service is 100% free and confidential. Your recruiter, who will work directly with the company on your behalf, will set up and guide you through the interviewing process.

The employers we work with are committed to finding the right person for a specific job. When they receive a candidate from dd factor, they know the skill set matches the need.  There is no wasted time on your part, nor theirs.

We offer career counseling and interview advice.  We have a resume service that can help you update your current resume or even give it a whole new look. 

We have been successful in the hospitality recruiting industry for nearly 50 years. We celebrate a reputation of working with both reputable employers as well as candidates.  We have pride in the fact that most of our clients and candidates come to us on a referral basis due to the relationship that we diligently formed between our company and candidate.  Our passion has always been the commitment to the long-term relationship.  We know that if we are successful in our execution, you will share the positive experience you have had with us, with your colleagues.