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why use ddfactor?

Each recruiter at dd factor has a successful history in the hospitality industry. We have held positions as Chefs and Sous Chefs, Director of Operations, General Managers, front of the house Managers and hotel Executive Committee members.  We have burned our arms hourly, dealt with the demands of those unreasonable, irate guests daily and have worked the 90 hour work week. Why? Because we love it -- that buzz of a restaurant in full swing or the feel of the line running like a well oiled machine and every plate going out picture perfect. It takes an incredible amount of dedication to get there and if you do not love where you are working, it is no longer “fun”.  We get that.

Successful recruiting is about making the right fit. At dd factor, we take pride in making that harmonious connection.  We are 100% confidential and free to the job seeker.


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This is YOUR job search.
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You can place an ad in the paper.  Better yet, even on line!  You NEED a manager or a chef and you need that person NOW. But it has to be the right person. You don’t want to go through this again in 3 or 4 months.  You need someone that has all the skills needed, understands your concept and the volume you do...When you work with dd factor, you will receive resumes that only fit all of your criteria: the salary requirements, administrative skills, past history, specialized skill set needed, knowledge of certain food, wine or dining level... more >>